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for a sustainable future!

we produce PVC

Reduce energy consumption ( excellent thermal protection )

Includes an extremely wide and complete range of PVC profiles in classes A, B, C

Customize your build ( you can choose your favorite color for every profile)

A wide range of solutions for achieving insulating joinery,
including both profiles 4, 6 and 7 cameras , and accessories



With over 10 years trading experience , SC Tamistef Srl started joinery production , bringing on the regional market the highest quality standards in the manufacture of PVC joinery .
Featuring an ultramodern production line , TAMISTEF produces PVC doors and windows of white or different color profile (which can imitate various textures ), but also balconies or terraces . PVC joinery produced by us, GEALAN brand, represents the ideal combination between beauty and functionality. Joinery variety includes :

• 3-6 interior rooms ;
• high profile depths ( 62 and 74 mm ) ;
• Reduced heat transfer coefficient : k = 1.5 W / mpK , 1.2 W / mpK and 1.1 W / mpK ;
• 12 colors and 7 wood decor options ;
• environmentally friendly profiles ;


Gealan joinery ensures long life of your windows and doors , they can be used for all types of buildings: houses, buildings , hospitals, hotels , commercial spaces. Rigid PVC is a durable material that resists well in aggressive atmospheres ( marine or urban -industrial environment ) . The advantages of GEALAN joinery are countless , it ensures good thermal and sound insulation , long service life samples over the 40 years of use in Western markets, a very good protection by double sealing system and last but not least, an attractive design and easy maintenancewinkhaus-300x200
Our company uses the brand Saint-Gobain glass , the company that is today on the first places in the production and distribution of construction materials, its architecture and design are innovative and environmentally friendly products . Fittings we used, by Winkhaus ,offer protection against windows and doors burglary. Hardware range is divided into two groups, proPilot range which was developed especially to meet the economic requirements of the market and activPilot dynamic range that provides effective protection against ingress break
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