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for a sustainable future!

we produce PVC

Reduce energy consumption ( excellent thermal protection )

Includes an extremely wide and complete range of PVC profiles in classes A, B, C

Customize your build ( you can choose your favorite color for every profile)

A wide range of solutions for achieving insulating joinery,
including both profiles 4, 6 and 7 cameras , and accessories

4 rooms PVC insulation


  • profile width 60 mm
  • classification according to EN 12608 : Class A, Class B
  • combustibility class C2
  • fittings galvanized steel 1.5mm thick
  • alveolar lining incorporated in the profile, weldable
  • estimated heat transfer coefficient of the window : Uw = 1.5 W/m2Xk


  • profiles are flat thus easing operations of windows manufacturing
  • relevant classic design with simplicity and sobriety
  • economic profiles
  • necessary for the execution of the garment a small number of tools
  • small garments can be realized
  • environmentally friendly profiles
  • use the same armature frame and sash
  • sills and ceiling system is common with TP 456
  • one mutant to divide framework heel and sash frame
  • limited number of types of fittings for the whole system
  • T assembly of the upright is made without the use of cubicle or other auxiliary parts
  • the balcony doors can be mounted on both sides of the sash handle
  • insulating glass package : double seal contour bottle Low – Emission , Argon insulation between sheets of glass
  • range of colors : painted according to RAL EU palette
  • foil : golden oak , walnut , mahogany
  • Basing color of the profiles white or brown






Profile cu 7 camere
Profile cu 6 camere
Profile cu 4 camere