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for a sustainable future!

we produce PVC

Reduce energy consumption ( excellent thermal protection )

Includes an extremely wide and complete range of PVC profiles in classes A, B, C

Customize your build ( you can choose your favorite color for every profile)

A wide range of solutions for achieving insulating joinery,
including both profiles 4, 6 and 7 cameras , and accessories


The hardware is the element that provides the reliability and flexibility of windows and doors , and plays an important role in window or door manufacturing . Hinges must withstand repeated opening and closing , currently being in force a standard opening and closing 20,000 guaranteed by the manufacturer, and bear a load of 180 kg.

When choosing hinges is recommended to orient us to the adjustable because they allow their regulation in different situations .

Our company provides a full range of apertures ( vertical and horizontal ) for many PVC profiles , widgets using hardware from leading companies such as :

  • Vorne
  • Winkhaus
  • Roto


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