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including both profiles 4, 6 and 7 cameras , and accessories

Reducing air humidity will not be long the only requirement imposed by a modern ventilation of rooms. A continuous and sufficient air exchange is extremely important to the residents of the building . For the following criteria must be met :

1. adjust indoor air humidity
2 . Replacement air breathing
3. eliminate odors and harmful substances
4. regulate the temperature in the interior space
5 . air adduction for air -dependent plants

Types of Ventilation
It makes a general distinction between two ways of venting :

Natural ventilation   Mechanical ventilation
AVenting through joint Air ventilation
Venting through window Ventilation and aspiration plants
Venting through ventilation shafts



Ventilation through slots
If air flows through the vents , the window is open only to a certain extent . Windows tilt- dump standard the sashs usually swings. With ventilation slots one aims only through an exchange of air conditioning ; consequently maintaining status to extended durations is correlated with energy loss in winter. Due to strong cooling windowsill danger disturbance by condensation is higher.



stossbelueftungComplete ventilation

The most effective air exchange in the room is the complete aeration . The sash window is fully open and air exchange occurs within 4 to 10 minutes . When complete ventilation energy losses are minimal. Because air exchange happens very quickly the building parts cannot cool.




durchbelueftungCross ventilation
In the case of cross ventilation and air exchange occurs faster. Within a 2-4 minute room air is completely changed. For this purpose , all windows and doors must be opened , so as to form a stream of air .
A regular exchange between outside air and the interior is a prerequisite for a pleasant room climate and comfort of home .
Therefore all windows GEALAN can mount optional automatic ventilation system GECCO ( GEalanClima Control) .